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The Drop: The Fall of Moombahton

At the risk of saturating your blog feed with posts about moombahton, we couldn’t let this release go unmentioned. David Heartbreak’s “Fall of Moombahton” compilation is the spiritual successor to the “Summer of Moombahton” set assembled by partner-in-crime Munchi. And it’s just as comprehensive, if more focused on where the genre is going than where it’s been.

Don’t get it wrong: the title of the two-disc mix is a little wordplay. Moombahton isn’t going anywhere. Think of it more of a “the King is dead, long live the King” type of thing. The music on this mix (representative of the entire scene) is just too diverse, exciting and fun to have jumped the shark in just eight months.

If the Moombahton Massive was a twisted family reunion, “Fall of Moombahton” plays out like the home movies: the gang’s all here. Tracks by Dave Nada, A-Mac, Munchi, Heartbreak, Cam Jus, Sabo, and Melo are sprinkled through the set, along with boombahchero boys DJ Orion and Audio 1. Among the highlights from the masters is the metallic bass of the Yeah! Edit of Sam Tiba’s “Barbie Weed” and the tribal-cumbia of DJ Reaganomics on “E Boi.”

Proving that a little editing goes a long way, the hottest peak time track here is Ckrono’s tweak of Congrorock’s remix of Swedish House Mafia’s fist-pumper “One.” On this track (and throughout the compilation), moombahton’s house roots are showing. And it works.

Grab the mix while you can. Mad Decent is firmly behind the movement, and I don’t know if the Internet can handle it.

The moombahton movement continues with boombachero

Who would have guessed that we’d still be writing about moombahton after Labor Day? Amid a year of various musical developments it looks like this one is here to stay. The genre’s staying power is due in large part to producers eager to collaborate and experiment with the style. Interest in moombahton has also led to increased interest in cumbia and guarachero, Latin styles of which electronic music fans have only passing interest or knowledge.

In the spirit of this musical evolution, two exciting new DJ mixes flip moombahton back to its origins. With the Subguey (pronounced Subway) series, DJs Orion and Pagame have sped up moombahton, introduced guarachero elements, and ended up with a double-timed concoction that has been dubbed boombachero. Basically, the style sounds like moombahton on uppers with a bouncy, swing feel.

DJ Orion’s mix relies heavily on the H&M crew before building to a frenetic close with an heavily re-worked and re-mixed bit of Rusko’s “Woo Boost.” In the same way, Pagame filters moombahton highlights through guarachero, creating a mix that is almost tribal in intensity.



DJ Orion’s mix has already maxed out Soundcloud (and Pagame’s is close behind), but you can cop these mixes here.

Download DJ Orion – Subguey Volume 1

Download Pagame – Subguey Volume 2

Tracklists after the jump.

DJ Orion – Subguey Volume 1
Heartbreak & Munchi – Aponte o Não (Orion Edit)
Heartbreak – Pilulas Azuis e Brancos (Orion Edit)
Munchi – Toma Berimbau (Orion Edit)
Heartbreak & Munchi – Aponte o Não (Orion Edit)
Munchi – Sandungueo (Orion Edit)
Dave Nada – Punk Rock Latino (Orion Edit)
Munchi – Pero Que Lo Que Mujer (Orion Edit)
Munchi – Pepe Volvio (Oriot Edit)
Munchi – Metele Bellaco (Orion Edit)
Dave Nada – La Gata (Orion Edit)
Munchi – La Brasilena Ta Montao (Orion Edit)
Drunk Unkle -JB RIP (Orion Edit)
David Heartbreak – Hey (Orion Edit)
Soda n Suds – Fuck House (Orion Edit)
Heart Break & Munchi – Boneknuckles (Orion Edit)
Munchi – Datsik – Firepower (Orion Edit)
David Heartbreak – Ragga Muffin (Orion Edit)
Rusko / Borgore / Toadally Krossed Out – Woo Boost (Orion Edit)

Pagame – Subguey Volume 2
Contents Hot – Boombahton Wave (Pagame Edit)
Mu-Gen – Fizzdom (Maria y Jose Guarachdoom Remix) (Pagame Edit)
Mu-Gen – Fizzdom (Munichi Moombahton Edit) (Pagame Edit)
Heartbreak – Pilulas Azuis e Brancos (Pagame Edit)
Heartbreak – Witch Doctor (Moombahton Refix) (Pagame Edit)
Heartbreak – Sweet Tea (Pagame Edit)
Heartbreak – Moombahma (Munchi Edit) (Pagame Edit)
Riggs & Murtaugh – Moombahlator (Pagame Edit)
Afrojack – Pon De Streets (DJ Melo Moombahton Edit) (Pagame Edit)
Bazukodigital – Jumakoka (Pagame Edit)
Senta (Gilsun & B.A.B.Y.’s Moombahton Edit) (Pagame Edit)
El General – Reaganomics (Pagame Edit)
Munchi – La Brasilena ta Montao (Pagame Edit)
Ralvero – Party People (Melo Moombahton Edit)
Lulacruza – Soloina (Pagame Edit)
DJ A-Mac – Long Train to Moombahton (Pagame Edit)
Samuel Demitemas – Whistler in the Moombahton (Pagame Edit)
Mu-Gen – Turn That Shit UP! (Moombahton Edit) (Pagame Screw That Edit)
Mu-Gen – Turn That Shit UP! (Moombahton Edit) (Pagame Edit)
Playmode – One Track Mind (Scattermish Moombahton Mix) (Pagame Edit)
Heartbreak – Banger (Pagame Edit)
The Frikstailers – Cumbia Kamisama (Pagame Edit)

TGRIOnline x DJ Melo present… Culipandeo: Volumen Tres

Sadly, the Summer of Moombahton is coming to an end. Labor Day is just around the corner, the weather is almost bearable, and the kiddies are heading back to school. Luckily, there is still time to enjoy your favorite twisted tropical tunes. Continuing the TGRI-exclusive series of moombahton mixes is Culipandeo Volumen Tres, brought to you by Phoenix’s DJ Melo.

DJ Melo, with a background of spinning reggaeton, house and Latin music, has the perfect pedigree for moombahton. Melo’s moombahton edits have been showing up all over the place and for good reason. His mix features tracks by friends-of-the-site Munchi, David Heartbreak, and Cam Jus (including Cam’s brand new joint “Even the Gringos”). Melo seamlessly mixes moombahton with more traditional reggaeton into a non-stop party mix for fans of either style.

The Summer of Moombahton may be ending, but the genre keeps moving forward thanks to innovative musicians like DJ Melo. Don’t sleep on this mix.

Tracklist for Culipandeo Volumen Tres:

  1. Dactyl Dactyl – Enter The Ninja
  2. Herve – Dibby DJ (Doc Adam)
  3. Jadiel – Fashion Girl (DJ Santarosa)
  4. Contents Hot – Boombahton
  5. DJ Mingo – El Kulikitra
  6. Gtronic – Sucker Punch (Prince Klassen Nihonmahton Edit)
  7. DJ Naldo – Playero 2010
  8. Munchi – Metele Bellaco
  9. Jon Kwest – Nice Dreams
  10. Kissed With A Noise ft Young Buck – Get Bucked (Skeet Skeet’s Moombuckton Remix)
  11. DJ Manik – Noise (Geo Geo)
  12. Cam Jus – Even The Gringos
  13. Ying Yang Twins – Saltshaker (David Heartbreak)
  14. Hatiras – The New Jam (DJ Melo)
  15. Pickster & Melo – Mas Poderoso (DJ Tranzo Remix)
  16. DJ Santarosa – Choloton Ride With Us
  17. Jon Kwest vs Don Omar – Get Loose Salio El Sol (Melo Blend)
  18. Speedy – Sientelo (DJ Melo)
  19. Kid Kaio – Hey (David Heartbreak)
  20. Munchi – Pepe Volvio
  21. Munchi – Fizzdom
  22. SLVRSNKS – And Rock (Tripett)
  23. Taio Cruz – Dynamite (Groovematic)
  24. DJ Apt One vs Samir – Samir’s Island
  25. Marcus Rice & Carli – Bira Weed Sax (Heartbreak & Melo)
  26. Pickster & Melo – Mas Poderoso (Jon Kwest Remix)

More Moombahma from David Heartbreak

David Heartbreak is at it again. Fresh off an appearance on the Summer of Moombahton compilation and his TGRI-exclusive Culipandeo mix, Heartbreak has released the Dos Moombahma EP, another collection of genre-expanding moombahton.

In a nod to the origins of the genre, Heartbreak twists Kid Kaio’s Dutch house “Hey” into a 108 BPM banger. The build and simple chant-along vocals make this one a club keeper.

Like he did on “Whistle Blower,” Heartbreak takes crunk 1,000 miles south on “Salt Shaker,” his edit of the the classic Ying Yang Twins party anthem. Elsewhere on the EP, he experiments with moombahcore (“Lend Ya Down”), a grimey offshoot of moombahton, and classic dancehall (“Raggamuffin”). For fans of chilled-out lounge sounds, “Novinah” is the perfect mood setter, based on a sample of Drake’s “Successful.”

David Heartbreak continues to be a producer to watch. The Charlotte DJ has a good ear for hooks and samples that fit the moombahton sound, and he continues to move the genre forward with his melting pot approach to the genre.

Munchi unites a movement with the Summer of Moombahton compilation

It’s customary to receive gifts on your birthday. On his cumpleaños, moombahton pioneer Munchi flipped the script, releasing Summer of Moombahton, a compilation of the greatest hits of a genre still in it’s infancy.

The comp is split into two discs: “Past” and “Future,” a concept that is a little preposterous for a style that is less than a year old. However, with the fervor that moombahton has captured the zeitgeist of the electronic music scene, it’s not totally inappropriate. We’re already seeing the sound evolve, with producers introducing elements of cumbia, Baltimore club, and hardcore.

Summer of Moombahton hits the touchstones of the genre, and its perfect for newbies and completists alike. Most of these songs are available elsewhere, but it’s great to see all of these DJs working on a free project and coalescing the movement. TGRIOnline declared this the summer of moombahton, and this mix only confirms it.

Tracklist for Summer of Moombahton

1. Dave Nada – La Gata
2. Sandro Silva – Told Ya (Melo Moombahton Edit)
3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Mac Moombahton Edit)
4. N.A.S.A. – Watchadoin (Alvaro Remix – Uncle Jesse Moompatron Edit)
5. Lady Gaga – Alejandro (Afrojack Remix – Audio1 Moombahton Edit)
6. Rihanna – Rude Boy (Tommie Sunshine Mix – Morningstar Moombahton Edit)
7. Neoteric – Hey Got Lines
8. Drop The Lime vs East Flatbush Project – Tried by Sex Sax (Doc Adam Moombahton Edit)
9. DJ Apt One vs Josh Wink – Higher State of Moombahton
10. Slap & Dash – Fried Toy Moombahton
11. Knight Riderz – Party Alarm (Wyld Stallyns Moombahton Edit)
12. Munchi – Sandungueo

1. Modjo – Lady (A-Mac Moombahton Rmx)
2. Picksterone & Melo – Mas Poderoso
3. Sabo – No Pare Moombahton
4. DJ Epidemic – Ravaged Toadstool Girls
5. Hyper Crush – Ayo (Wyld Stallyns Moombahton Edit)
6. Moombahtron – Space Runner
7. David Heartbreak – Moombahma (Munchi Edit)
8. Sabbo – Make It Sexy
9. Sigur Ros – Saeglopur (Yeah! Remix)
10. Riggs & Murtaugh – Moombalator
11. Kid Kaio – We Don’t Give a Fuck (Uncle Jesse Fuckin’ Moombahton Edit)
12. Datsik – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Rmx)

TGRIOnline x David Heartbreak present… Culipandeo: Volumen Dos

Moombahton keeps growing, with new sounds, new DJs, and even new countries of origin. So it was clear that Culipandeo, DJ A-Mac’s TGRI exclusive mixtape, needed a sequel. After covering the Munbreakton and Barack Moombahma EPs, we knew Charlotte’s David Heartbreak had to man the tables for the next one.

Throughout Culipandeo Volumen Dos, Heartbreak effortlessly blends his own productions with those of frequent collaborators Munchi and DJ Melo. Notably, the half hour mix is better suited for sipping tequila than slamming body shots, with its chilled out moombahton versions of “Hey Lover,” “Ready of Not,” and “Single.” Things get a little harder about halfway through, when the grimey bass of “Barbie Weed” before closing with Heartbreak and Munchi’s “Boneknuckles.”

More than anything, Culipandeo Volumen Dos leaves you wanting more, and Heartbreak promises just that. Later this month, he’ll be appearing on a moombahton compilation with moombahton masters Dave Nada, A-Mac, Munchi, and Melo, among others. Then comes a moombahton meets club music mix entitled Moombahmore, and another volume of Munbreakton. Apparently, when you’re part of the moombahton revolution, there’s no rest for the weary.

Tracklist for Culipandeo Volumen Dos:

1. David Heartbreak- Sweet Tea
2. Heartbreak & Munchi- Aponte o Nao
3. DJ Melo- Sientelo (Moombahton edit)
4. David Heartbreak- Moombahma
5. Munchi- Soltero y Sin Compromiso
6. Sam Tiba – Barbie Weed (Yeah! edit)
7. DJ Melo- Told ya (Moombahton edit)
8. Munchi- Toma Bermibau (Original mix)
9. Heartbreak & Munchi- Boneknuckles

Tropical heat from Munchi and Heartbreak

It’s a Moombahton Monday, which means two things: Dave Nada’s summer weekly is ready to go off, and TGRIOnline has new tropical tunes for you.

Since teaming up for the Munbreakton EP, we’ve been eagerly awaiting new songs from Munchi and David Heartbreak. Their collaborative material combined the best of the US and the Netherlands, with a syrupy Dutch house take on some American R&B and hip-hop classics.

First up is a very DC-friendly concept from Heartbreak, the Barack Moombahma EP. “The Moombahma” is a very chilled-out, house-influenced form of moombahton; like much of the Munbreakton EP, it builds on classic samples (“Gypsy Woman” by Crystal Waters) and forgoes some of the more abrasive sound elements of the genre. “Whistle Blower” is a more of a party starter, with its sample of Juelz Santana’s “The Whistle Song.” The rest of the EP is not to be missed, from the vocoder and sirens of “Quires Culiar” to the appropriately-titled “Banger.”

If Dave Nada is the maestro of moombahton, Toy Selectah is the cumbia commander – but clearly, they’re not alone in their mastery of tropical stylings. Munchi tries his hand at the Colombian style on Cumbia XXX, where the beats are as dirty as the subject matter. Munchi’s barebones tracks combine cumbia, baile funk, moombahton, and even a little Bmore club. To keep it grimey, Munchi sampled everything from Nokia ringtones to Brazilian porn. And if that’s not enough reason to download, check out the entirely NSWF cover.

Turn up and get down with the Munbreakton EP

Yes, TGRIOnline is now dropping moombahton daily. And why not? We’re just past the Summer Solstice and the time is right for the tropical tuneage.

Moombahton started as Dutch house, and now it’s going back home with Rotterdam’s Munchi (remember him?). Munchi and Charlotte’s DJ David Heartbreak have released the “Munbreakton EP,” six tracks that keep pushing the nascent genre forward.

Heartbreak and Munchi are at their best when crate-digging R&B and hip-hop and reworking it into smooth moombahton jams. “Sweet Tea” (named for the only thing the producers drank in the studio) adds a bit of baile funk to the instantly-recognizable melody and moans combo from LL’s “Doin’ It” for a bubbling hit. “Aponte o não,” pulling both from the Fugee’s classic “Ready or Not” and the Course remix of the same song, features a chill vibe perfect for whatever you’re sipping. And “Soltero y sin compromiso” is an ambient, swirling take on Lil Wayne’s “Single.”

Sonically, Munchi and Heartbreak bring new elements to the table. The synth in songs like “Pilulas Azuis e Brancos” (“Blue and white pills”) and “Boneknuckles” is raw, heavy, and unforgiving: siren calls to the dancefloor. Munchi utilizes the percussion of merengue and mambo in “Pero Que lo Que Mujer,” a no-brainer move that’s a perfect fit with moombahton.

The “Munbreakton EP” is the kind of release that keeps the developing moombahton sound exciting. “In my opinion, the possibilities with moombahton seem endless,” says Munchi. We have to agree.

TGRIOnline x DJ A-Mac present… Culipandeo: The Moombahton Mixtape

Moombahton is perfect summer music. The chopped-and-screwed house elements and Latin percussion transport you to beach parties in tropical locales, complete with sand between your toes and a rum drink in your hand. But most of all, moombahton is built for that favorite summer pastime: dancing. With that in mind, TGRIOnline is pleased to present Culipandeo, a moombahton mix by rising selector and moombahton connoisseur DJ A-Mac.

Dave Nada and A-Mac have been 1A and 1B when it comes to the developing genre. A-Mac’s take on the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Heads Will Roll” was one of the first moombahton jams to catch fire, and the Calgary DJ continues to dominate the sound, dropping nine of his own edits on the mixtape. A-Mac’s skills don’t just lie in remixing, but in finding hot tracks and coaxing out a moombahton groove, as he does with the NROTB remix of Drop the Lime’s “Set Me Free” and the Highschool remix of Hot Chip’s “I Feel Better.”

The mix will keep you dancing for nearly an hour and hits the touchstones of the young genre. Tracks by the man himself (“KRS Moombahton Edit”, “La Gata Plastica”) are included for good measure, but the highlight just may be when Modjo’s “Lady” melts into Timbaland & Magoo’s “Drop.”

Call it what you will – el culipandeo, the booty shake, the hip roll – moombahton makes you dance. So cop it, crank it, and move it this summer! And be sure to show the DJ some love: find A-Mac on Facebook, Soundcloud, Myspace, and Twitter.

Download Culipandeo: The Moombahton Mixtape

Tracklist for Culipandeo: The Moombahton Mixtape

1. Opulent Sound – Stickin Moombahton Edit
2. Momma’s Boy vs MikiX the Cat – At Night **
3. Smalltown Romeo – Boom (Sammy Bananas Boombahton Mix)
4. Jacuzzi Club – Theme Riddim
5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll **
6. Drop The Lime – Set Me Free (NROTB Carnival Remix) **
7. Dave Nada – KRS Moombahton Edit
8. Tom Deluxx Mat the Alien Moombahton Edit
9. Munchi – Metele Bellaco
10. N.A.S.A – Watchadoin (DJ Alvaro remix Uncle Jesse Moompatron Edit)
11. Hot Chip – I Feel Better (Highschool remix) **
12. Dave Nada – La Gata Plastica (Sabo Remix)
13. Dave Nada vs Dj Jean – MoombahLaunch **
14 . A-Mac – Hooo your crew
15. The XX – Crystalized (Lorcan Mak remix)**
16. Sabo & Cassady – La Curura
17. Mastiksoul ft. Carla Carlim – Baila Bonito **
18. Modjo – Lady **
19. Timbaland & Magoo – Drop **
20. DJ Dus – Pussy Marijuana Cumbow

** = A-Mac Moombahton Edit

DJ A-Mac Keeps 'Em Dancing

If you’ve been paying attention to the moombahton movement, you’re already familiar with DJ A-Mac. Remixes by Calgary’s fastest rising selector have shaken asses from coast to coast and across continents. Next to Dave Nada, A-Mac is the producer with the firmest hand on the nascent genre.

When I interviewed A-Mac in March, he tipped us off to Smalltown Romeo, the DJ supergroup that dominates the Calgary electronic music scene. The triumvirate is comprised of Smalltown DJs Pete Emes and Mike Grimes and disco producer Wax Romeo, and is a force to be reckoned with. The Smalltown DJs’ Hai Karate party has rocked crowds for over a decade, and the duo also owns a clothing and record boutique, Giant 45. So it’s no surprise that when the guys decided to release a series of mixes for Giant 45, A-Mac was one of the first musicians tapped.

A-Mac’s mix is an hour of non-stop house and electro goodness, demonstrating his range as a DJ and cratedigger. It forgoes tracks-of-the-moment for modern takes on classics, like Luciano’s remix of Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman” or the Plastic Operator’s Tom Petty-referencing “Wont back down vs. Night Fall.” Other highlights include bits of electro-rockers Body Language (“Sandwiches”) and queen of bounce Sissy Nobby (“Lay Me Down”) remixed by Alaska in Winter and L-vis 1990, respectively.

The mix is a cohesive, grooving party-in-a-box. No track feels out of place or forced. By the time the mix concludes with 1967 #1 “The Letter” by blue-eyed-soul group the Box Tops, you’ll be a sweaty mess, yearning for more. Somebody, anybody buy A-Mac a ticket to U Hall and book him for a Red Friday. Soon.

As a bonus, A-Mac has released his moombahton remixes for download on his SoundCloud. And there’s more where that came from: stayed tuned for a TGRI exclusive moombahtoon mixtape this summer!