More Moombahma from David Heartbreak

David Heartbreak is at it again. Fresh off an appearance on the Summer of Moombahton compilation and his TGRI-exclusive Culipandeo mix, Heartbreak has released the Dos Moombahma EP, another collection of genre-expanding moombahton.

In a nod to the origins of the genre, Heartbreak twists Kid Kaio’s Dutch house “Hey” into a 108 BPM banger. The build and simple chant-along vocals make this one a club keeper.

Like he did on “Whistle Blower,” Heartbreak takes crunk 1,000 miles south on “Salt Shaker,” his edit of the the classic Ying Yang Twins party anthem. Elsewhere on the EP, he experiments with moombahcore (“Lend Ya Down”), a grimey offshoot of moombahton, and classic dancehall (“Raggamuffin”). For fans of chilled-out lounge sounds, “Novinah” is the perfect mood setter, based on a sample of Drake’s “Successful.”

David Heartbreak continues to be a producer to watch. The Charlotte DJ has a good ear for hooks and samples that fit the moombahton sound, and he continues to move the genre forward with his melting pot approach to the genre.

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