Turn up and get down with the Munbreakton EP

Yes, TGRIOnline is now dropping moombahton daily. And why not? We’re just past the Summer Solstice and the time is right for the tropical tuneage.

Moombahton started as Dutch house, and now it’s going back home with Rotterdam’s Munchi (remember him?). Munchi and Charlotte’s DJ David Heartbreak have released the “Munbreakton EP,” six tracks that keep pushing the nascent genre forward.

Heartbreak and Munchi are at their best when crate-digging R&B and hip-hop and reworking it into smooth moombahton jams. “Sweet Tea” (named for the only thing the producers drank in the studio) adds a bit of baile funk to the instantly-recognizable melody and moans combo from LL’s “Doin’ It” for a bubbling hit. “Aponte o não,” pulling both from the Fugee’s classic “Ready or Not” and the Course remix of the same song, features a chill vibe perfect for whatever you’re sipping. And “Soltero y sin compromiso” is an ambient, swirling take on Lil Wayne’s “Single.”

Sonically, Munchi and Heartbreak bring new elements to the table. The synth in songs like “Pilulas Azuis e Brancos” (“Blue and white pills”) and “Boneknuckles” is raw, heavy, and unforgiving: siren calls to the dancefloor. Munchi utilizes the percussion of merengue and mambo in “Pero Que lo Que Mujer,” a no-brainer move that’s a perfect fit with moombahton.

The “Munbreakton EP” is the kind of release that keeps the developing moombahton sound exciting. “In my opinion, the possibilities with moombahton seem endless,” says Munchi. We have to agree.

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