Dubstep Dossier: B. Rich

Like most liquors, dubstep can be enjoyed on its own but really shines when combined with complimentary flavors.* While some producers choose R&B and B-more club mixers, others opt for electro and house. Pittsburgh’s B. Rich is one producer making such club-ready dubstep cocktails.

B. Rich (aka Barrett Richards) is another ex-club kid obsessed with bass. His tracks bounce with the non-stop beats of electro, the ravey synths and vocals of house, and the machine-gun wobble of dubstep. A song like “Killin It” on his Make Me Dance EP bangs with a best-of-all-worlds approach.

Lost among the superb remixes by Nadastrom and Dave Nada, B. Rich’s remix of Udachi’s “P-Funk Skank” is a fantastic 90s meets 00s take on the underground hit. And while he pulls from all types of EDM, hip-hop is also a defining characteristic of his sound. Just check the “Pop Bottles” sampling on the recently released “We Ball Harder.”

B. Rich has remixed and been remixed by A.C. Slater and the Trouble & Bass crew, who he’ll be joining tonight at U Hall for the T&B monthly basstravaganza. This hour-long promo mix, featuring previous Dubstep Dossier features Redlight and Doctor P, finds B. Rich moving all along the electronic music spectrum. So check the mix, grab a drink, and meet us on the dance floor.

* All alcohol-related inquiries should be handled by our friends the Edukatorz.

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