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Tropical heat from Munchi and Heartbreak

It’s a Moombahton Monday, which means two things: Dave Nada’s summer weekly is ready to go off, and TGRIOnline has new tropical tunes for you.

Since teaming up for the Munbreakton EP, we’ve been eagerly awaiting new songs from Munchi and David Heartbreak. Their collaborative material combined the best of the US and the Netherlands, with a syrupy Dutch house take on some American R&B and hip-hop classics.

First up is a very DC-friendly concept from Heartbreak, the Barack Moombahma EP. “The Moombahma” is a very chilled-out, house-influenced form of moombahton; like much of the Munbreakton EP, it builds on classic samples (“Gypsy Woman” by Crystal Waters) and forgoes some of the more abrasive sound elements of the genre. “Whistle Blower” is a more of a party starter, with its sample of Juelz Santana’s “The Whistle Song.” The rest of the EP is not to be missed, from the vocoder and sirens of “Quires Culiar” to the appropriately-titled “Banger.”

If Dave Nada is the maestro of moombahton, Toy Selectah is the cumbia commander – but clearly, they’re not alone in their mastery of tropical stylings. Munchi tries his hand at the Colombian style on Cumbia XXX, where the beats are as dirty as the subject matter. Munchi’s barebones tracks combine cumbia, baile funk, moombahton, and even a little Bmore club. To keep it grimey, Munchi sampled everything from Nokia ringtones to Brazilian porn. And if that’s not enough reason to download, check out the entirely NSWF cover.