The moombahton movement continues with boombachero

Who would have guessed that we’d still be writing about moombahton after Labor Day? Amid a year of various musical developments it looks like this one is here to stay. The genre’s staying power is due in large part to producers eager to collaborate and experiment with the style. Interest in moombahton has also led to increased interest in cumbia and guarachero, Latin styles of which electronic music fans have only passing interest or knowledge.

In the spirit of this musical evolution, two exciting new DJ mixes flip moombahton back to its origins. With the Subguey (pronounced Subway) series, DJs Orion and Pagame have sped up moombahton, introduced guarachero elements, and ended up with a double-timed concoction that has been dubbed boombachero. Basically, the style sounds like moombahton on uppers with a bouncy, swing feel.

DJ Orion’s mix relies heavily on the H&M crew before building to a frenetic close with an heavily re-worked and re-mixed bit of Rusko’s “Woo Boost.” In the same way, Pagame filters moombahton highlights through guarachero, creating a mix that is almost tribal in intensity.



DJ Orion’s mix has already maxed out Soundcloud (and Pagame’s is close behind), but you can cop these mixes here.

Download DJ Orion – Subguey Volume 1

Download Pagame – Subguey Volume 2

Tracklists after the jump.

DJ Orion – Subguey Volume 1
Heartbreak & Munchi – Aponte o Não (Orion Edit)
Heartbreak – Pilulas Azuis e Brancos (Orion Edit)
Munchi – Toma Berimbau (Orion Edit)
Heartbreak & Munchi – Aponte o Não (Orion Edit)
Munchi – Sandungueo (Orion Edit)
Dave Nada – Punk Rock Latino (Orion Edit)
Munchi – Pero Que Lo Que Mujer (Orion Edit)
Munchi – Pepe Volvio (Oriot Edit)
Munchi – Metele Bellaco (Orion Edit)
Dave Nada – La Gata (Orion Edit)
Munchi – La Brasilena Ta Montao (Orion Edit)
Drunk Unkle -JB RIP (Orion Edit)
David Heartbreak – Hey (Orion Edit)
Soda n Suds – Fuck House (Orion Edit)
Heart Break & Munchi – Boneknuckles (Orion Edit)
Munchi – Datsik – Firepower (Orion Edit)
David Heartbreak – Ragga Muffin (Orion Edit)
Rusko / Borgore / Toadally Krossed Out – Woo Boost (Orion Edit)

Pagame – Subguey Volume 2
Contents Hot – Boombahton Wave (Pagame Edit)
Mu-Gen – Fizzdom (Maria y Jose Guarachdoom Remix) (Pagame Edit)
Mu-Gen – Fizzdom (Munichi Moombahton Edit) (Pagame Edit)
Heartbreak – Pilulas Azuis e Brancos (Pagame Edit)
Heartbreak – Witch Doctor (Moombahton Refix) (Pagame Edit)
Heartbreak – Sweet Tea (Pagame Edit)
Heartbreak – Moombahma (Munchi Edit) (Pagame Edit)
Riggs & Murtaugh – Moombahlator (Pagame Edit)
Afrojack – Pon De Streets (DJ Melo Moombahton Edit) (Pagame Edit)
Bazukodigital – Jumakoka (Pagame Edit)
Senta (Gilsun & B.A.B.Y.’s Moombahton Edit) (Pagame Edit)
El General – Reaganomics (Pagame Edit)
Munchi – La Brasilena ta Montao (Pagame Edit)
Ralvero – Party People (Melo Moombahton Edit)
Lulacruza – Soloina (Pagame Edit)
DJ A-Mac – Long Train to Moombahton (Pagame Edit)
Samuel Demitemas – Whistler in the Moombahton (Pagame Edit)
Mu-Gen – Turn That Shit UP! (Moombahton Edit) (Pagame Screw That Edit)
Mu-Gen – Turn That Shit UP! (Moombahton Edit) (Pagame Edit)
Playmode – One Track Mind (Scattermish Moombahton Mix) (Pagame Edit)
Heartbreak – Banger (Pagame Edit)
The Frikstailers – Cumbia Kamisama (Pagame Edit)

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