Future Grooves: Dubbel Dutch

Austin is known for being a hipster hideaway deep in the heart of Texas, due in large part to the growing dominance of SXSW. And while it’s not known as a hotbed of electronic music, producer Dubbel Dutch is creating buzz from the capital of the Lone Star State.

Dubbel Dutch is Marc Glasser, a 24-year old New York native. Over two criminally underrated EPs for Palms Out Records and a handful of remixes, he is establishing himself as a vibrant voice in the underground dance scene. His tracks blend elements from current trends (dubstep, UK funky and tropical) with nods to old favorites (house and hardcore).

Like the Camo UFOs, Dubbel Dutch definitely has a jungle fascination, as evidenced by the title track on his Throwback EP. The title hits the nail on the head: an addictive breakbeat, Casio synths and echoing female vocal loops give the track a 90s feel, even if the soca beat and bouncy bassline are pure 2010.

The rest of the EP does not disappoint, going even further down the rabbit hole into deep house and cutting-edge funky sounds. Once again, the title of “Deep Underground” is plenty descriptive.

Earlier single “On the One” plays in similar sonic territory, while “Infinite Decimal” is more inline with the low-end acrobatics of the Trouble & Bass crew. The vocal sample is chipped up and percussive, while the buildups beg for hands-in-the-air grooving.

Thankfully, we’re not the only ones paying attention to Dubbel Dutch. He’s put together mixes for XLR8R and URB (the latter is below), mixing tracks from other like-minded producers and giving a sense of what’s to come in the future. It’s clear that when March rolls around, SXSWers should be on the lookout for a local with his finger on the EDM pulse.

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