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The Moombootleg: An Unofficial History of Moombahton, Part 2

Answering the question “what is moombahton?” couldn’t possibly be answered in one post. Today, I’ll move on from the OGs (mostly), recalling a year that saw moombahton bounce across the world.

Jon Kwest, “Run Di Track”

While moombahton is a global movement and not a regional one, it found a special place with the club music scene (not surprising, considering Dave Nada’s roots). Philly by way of Baltimore DJ Jon Kwest is a perfect example of this, contributing to both Bmore Original and Moombah Original records. “Run Di Track” has the car siren synths of Dutch house and a beat that doesn’t give up.

Pier Bucci & Samim, “Hay Consuelo (Obeyah edit)”

Moombahton allows a producer to infuse it with his own style. DC’s Obeyah takes a turntablist mentality to the deep house of “Hay Consuelo,” proving that every song in the set doesn’t have to be a banger to get crowds moving. With the finesse of a house DJ, Obeyah keeps the groove going like none other.

DJ Melo, “Song For My Children (radio edit)”

Melo was the perfect candidate for the third volume of TGRI’s Culipandeo mixtape series (following A-Mac and Heartbreak). With a background of spinning reggaeton, house and Latin music, the Phoenix DJ has the perfect pedigree for moombahton, and the smooth, soulful vibe of this very personal song shines through every time.

Vybz Kartel, “Yuh Love (Boyfriend remix)”

For the next Culipandeo, Marcus reached out to a DJ that spoke to the global nature of the moombahton movement. “Tropical bass” and “Lithuania” are unlikely partners, but Boyfriend (Vytis Gruzdys) makes it work. His edit of Vybz Kartel’s dancehall hit “Yuh Love” actually speeds up the original to the swift 108 BPM where moombahton resides. From Jamaica to Lithuania and back to the States: a very moombahton story.

Alex Clare, “Too Close (Nadastrom remix)”

Leave it to Nadastrom to best all their peers in the moombahton remix game. While their take on Alex Clare’s “Up All Night” is stuck in record company purgatory, “Too Close” remains a peak hour killer with its soulful build and half-time breakdown. Says Alex Clare: “I’m honoured to be associated with moombahton; it’s genuine, no pretence party music. There are not many other genres that can still claim that.”

Long Jawns & Billy the Gent, “Vibrate 2.0”

Just a year ago, Billy the Gent was killing ‘em with wobbles, and now he’s at the center of the moombahton scene, thanks to a firm grip on the zeitgeist and an easygoing, collaborative attitude. With longtime collaborator Long Jawns, the Gent crafted “Vibrate” out of the Petey Pablo track of the same name. “Vibrate” destroys dance floors.

Cam Jus, “Metro Center (Step Back)”

Along with running the spiritual successor to Dave Nada’s Moombahton Mondays (the monthly Tropixxx party) with Billy the Gent, Cam is a producer and DJ bar none. While “Even the Gringoes,” “The Stabs” or “Ease the Pain” would fit in here, this is the quintessential DC moombahton track, from one of DC’s fastest rising stars.

JWLS, “6 foot 7 foot (J-trick remix)”

This track is a bank shot, encapsulating the collaborative culture that moombahton embodies. Take a club favorite Lil’ Wayne track, amp it into a Dutch house banger (courtesy Miami moombahnista JWLS) and then screw it down into moombahton (as Australian wunderkind J-Trick did). Seeing producers across the world work on tracks like this is part of the moombahton mystique.

Alvin Risk & Tittsworth, “Pendejas”

“Pendejas” had floated around the moombahton and DJ scenes for a while before its release Plant Music. Everyone knew it would be major – but the masses had to wait. With an insane video shot at Tropixxx – including a Titts “stage” dive – “Pendejas” is already a moombahton classic.

“What is moombahton?” As these producers and many more have proven, the answer is always changing. It’s been a hell of a ride, and it’s only beginning.

Download: The Moombootleg

EP Roundup: Moombahton Edition

The moombahton movement continues, and while I can’t offer daily reviews (like some people), occasionally a few releases will come along that require special attention. On these three new releases, each moombahnista’s background shines through in service of personal, powerful tunes.

Pickster & MeloArizonaton

Pickster and Melo have held down the moombahton scene in Phoenix since the beginning. Together, the pair have had well-received songs on Summer of Moombahton and the Moombahton Massive III EP.

The Arizonaton EP opens with the soulful “Fat Booty,” which is built around the Aretha Franklin sample (“One Step Ahead”) that drives the Mos Def classic “Ms. Fat Booty.” Melo’s “Es Dificil” is a flip of a song by reggaeton performer De La Ghetto; this is the type of edit that only a DJ with deep reggaeton roots can pull off, which Melo has. Arizonaton has something for everyone, including the requisite moombahcore banger “Going Out to the Hardcore.”

Billy the Gent / Long Jawns / JWLSVibrate Chick

Billy the Gent is a producer to watch. Just a year ago he was killing ’em with wobbles and now he’s at the center of the moombahton scene. His secret? A firm grip on the zeitgeist and an easygoing, collaborative attitude; this is a dude everyone wants to work with.

With longtime collaborator Long Jawns, the Gent crafted “Vibrate” out of the Petey Pablo track of the same name. “Vibrate” is a perfect, booty-dropping peak hour track. Miami’s JWLS offers a remix of “Vibrate” and works with Billy on “Chick Like This.” The marching drums and gunshots on the latter are simply vicious; I want this song to play whenever I enter a club.

Philadelphyinz / Uncle Jesse / Obeyah8 Inches of Moombahton

May 19th is a special all-Moombahton edition of Tropicalismo in Philadelphia; 8 Inches of Moombahton marks the occasion.

Apt One continues to morph house tracks into smooth moombah ones. While David Heartbreak gave “Witch Doktor” a shot previously, Apt One’s take is superior. Skinny Friedman’s “Alison Brie Running in Slow Motion” is space-funk-moombahton, made even better by the best name I’ve seen in a while (knowing the reference helps). Obeyah gets to the heart of moombahton, slowing down “Like This,” while Uncle Jesse’s percussive “Art Attack” relies a little too much on the “bloodclot” sample.

Download: Arizonaton
Download: Vibrate Chick
Download: 8 Inches of Moombahton

TGRIOnline x DJ Melo present… Culipandeo: Volumen Tres

Sadly, the Summer of Moombahton is coming to an end. Labor Day is just around the corner, the weather is almost bearable, and the kiddies are heading back to school. Luckily, there is still time to enjoy your favorite twisted tropical tunes. Continuing the TGRI-exclusive series of moombahton mixes is Culipandeo Volumen Tres, brought to you by Phoenix’s DJ Melo.

DJ Melo, with a background of spinning reggaeton, house and Latin music, has the perfect pedigree for moombahton. Melo’s moombahton edits have been showing up all over the place and for good reason. His mix features tracks by friends-of-the-site Munchi, David Heartbreak, and Cam Jus (including Cam’s brand new joint “Even the Gringos”). Melo seamlessly mixes moombahton with more traditional reggaeton into a non-stop party mix for fans of either style.

The Summer of Moombahton may be ending, but the genre keeps moving forward thanks to innovative musicians like DJ Melo. Don’t sleep on this mix.

Tracklist for Culipandeo Volumen Tres:

  1. Dactyl Dactyl – Enter The Ninja
  2. Herve – Dibby DJ (Doc Adam)
  3. Jadiel – Fashion Girl (DJ Santarosa)
  4. Contents Hot – Boombahton
  5. DJ Mingo – El Kulikitra
  6. Gtronic – Sucker Punch (Prince Klassen Nihonmahton Edit)
  7. DJ Naldo – Playero 2010
  8. Munchi – Metele Bellaco
  9. Jon Kwest – Nice Dreams
  10. Kissed With A Noise ft Young Buck – Get Bucked (Skeet Skeet’s Moombuckton Remix)
  11. DJ Manik – Noise (Geo Geo)
  12. Cam Jus – Even The Gringos
  13. Ying Yang Twins – Saltshaker (David Heartbreak)
  14. Hatiras – The New Jam (DJ Melo)
  15. Pickster & Melo – Mas Poderoso (DJ Tranzo Remix)
  16. DJ Santarosa – Choloton Ride With Us
  17. Jon Kwest vs Don Omar – Get Loose Salio El Sol (Melo Blend)
  18. Speedy – Sientelo (DJ Melo)
  19. Kid Kaio – Hey (David Heartbreak)
  20. Munchi – Pepe Volvio
  21. Munchi – Fizzdom
  22. SLVRSNKS – And Rock (Tripett)
  23. Taio Cruz – Dynamite (Groovematic)
  24. DJ Apt One vs Samir – Samir’s Island
  25. Marcus Rice & Carli – Bira Weed Sax (Heartbreak & Melo)
  26. Pickster & Melo – Mas Poderoso (Jon Kwest Remix)