TGRIOnline x David Heartbreak present… Culipandeo: Volumen Dos

Moombahton keeps growing, with new sounds, new DJs, and even new countries of origin. So it was clear that Culipandeo, DJ A-Mac’s TGRI exclusive mixtape, needed a sequel. After covering the Munbreakton and Barack Moombahma EPs, we knew Charlotte’s David Heartbreak had to man the tables for the next one.

Throughout Culipandeo Volumen Dos, Heartbreak effortlessly blends his own productions with those of frequent collaborators Munchi and DJ Melo. Notably, the half hour mix is better suited for sipping tequila than slamming body shots, with its chilled out moombahton versions of “Hey Lover,” “Ready of Not,” and “Single.” Things get a little harder about halfway through, when the grimey bass of “Barbie Weed” before closing with Heartbreak and Munchi’s “Boneknuckles.”

More than anything, Culipandeo Volumen Dos leaves you wanting more, and Heartbreak promises just that. Later this month, he’ll be appearing on a moombahton compilation with moombahton masters Dave Nada, A-Mac, Munchi, and Melo, among others. Then comes a moombahton meets club music mix entitled Moombahmore, and another volume of Munbreakton. Apparently, when you’re part of the moombahton revolution, there’s no rest for the weary.

Tracklist for Culipandeo Volumen Dos:

1. David Heartbreak- Sweet Tea
2. Heartbreak & Munchi- Aponte o Nao
3. DJ Melo- Sientelo (Moombahton edit)
4. David Heartbreak- Moombahma
5. Munchi- Soltero y Sin Compromiso
6. Sam Tiba – Barbie Weed (Yeah! edit)
7. DJ Melo- Told ya (Moombahton edit)
8. Munchi- Toma Bermibau (Original mix)
9. Heartbreak & Munchi- Boneknuckles

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