The Drop: The Fall of Moombahton

At the risk of saturating your blog feed with posts about moombahton, we couldn’t let this release go unmentioned. David Heartbreak’s “Fall of Moombahton” compilation is the spiritual successor to the “Summer of Moombahton” set assembled by partner-in-crime Munchi. And it’s just as comprehensive, if more focused on where the genre is going than where it’s been.

Don’t get it wrong: the title of the two-disc mix is a little wordplay. Moombahton isn’t going anywhere. Think of it more of a “the King is dead, long live the King” type of thing. The music on this mix (representative of the entire scene) is just too diverse, exciting and fun to have jumped the shark in just eight months.

If the Moombahton Massive was a twisted family reunion, “Fall of Moombahton” plays out like the home movies: the gang’s all here. Tracks by Dave Nada, A-Mac, Munchi, Heartbreak, Cam Jus, Sabo, and Melo are sprinkled through the set, along with boombahchero boys DJ Orion and Audio 1. Among the highlights from the masters is the metallic bass of the Yeah! Edit of Sam Tiba’s “Barbie Weed” and the tribal-cumbia of DJ Reaganomics on “E Boi.”

Proving that a little editing goes a long way, the hottest peak time track here is Ckrono’s tweak of Congrorock’s remix of Swedish House Mafia’s fist-pumper “One.” On this track (and throughout the compilation), moombahton’s house roots are showing. And it works.

Grab the mix while you can. Mad Decent is firmly behind the movement, and I don’t know if the Internet can handle it.

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