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Ready for the weekend #22

This week saw both the last shuttle landing and Postcultural’s first hacking. Obviously, both monumental occasions. With this unbearably hot weekend about to start, remember that a lazy day with Netflix and a cold drink is often the easiest path to happiness.

Hat tip @VeeShip for the photo (via Atlantic Wire).

The Plan

  • Friday: Friday Cool Off is a new weekly at the Red Palace. This week features DJs Matt Rose and Cam Jus, two dudes who always throw a chill party. Plus, the ice cube on the flyer looks hella good right now.
  • Saturday: Boogie Down may be a little off the beaten path at Zeba Bar in Columbia Heights, but Ben Howell and Space Agent will house you. Drink specials galore and a pants-optional dress code in honor of birthday girl Lexi Rusk!
  • Sunday: The annual Capital Fringe Festival ends on Sunday, so this is your last chance to catch some offbeat performance art until next year.

The Soundtrack

Not sure about some of this weekend’s events? Here’s a double shot of brand new mixtapes from two of the DJs in question. Space Agent drops a sexy poolside disco mix (with Lolita art, natch) and Cam Jus provides the requisite moombahton with his summer promo mix.

Ready for the weekend #21

It’s the middle of July, which means summer is about halfway over (optimists would have a different take). There’s no time to waste another weekend.

The Plan

The Soundtrack

We all need more club music in our lives. Cousin Cole obliges with his Major Rager mix, over 40 bangers crammed into as many minutes.

Ready for the weekend #20

Between the Fourth of July and prepping for a new gig, I didn’t post that much this week. This weekend would provide a good chance to catch up, if it weren’t for all these events.

As always, image via FFFFOUND!

The Plan

The Soundtrack

I like Creep, and you should too. Check out this mix they made for Field Day, which includes everything from Grimes and Lykke Li to Brenmar and SBTRKT. Did they pick these tracks from my iTunes Most Played list? Who knows!

Ready for the weekend #19

The countdown until the long weekend has begun. Make sure you don’t waste it with these helpful tips.

As always, image via FFFFOUND.

The Plan

The Soundtrack

If you’ve already spun these new mixtapes, give this mix by Nguzunguzu a chance. It features songs from the duo’s Timesup EP, the first release on Kingdom‘s Fade to Mind label.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Nguzunguzu mix for Dublab” dl=1]

Ready for the weekend #18

With Tuesday’s Summer Solstice, the season is officially upon us. Other than BBQs and the requisite outdoor activities, what’s on deck this weekend?

The Plan

  • Friday: For Happy Hour, join TGRIOnline at U Street Music Hall for Michael Jackson is Still Alive, where four DJs ensure that the King of Pop’s memory will live forever. Best late night option is Maison (with DJ TMY and Gavin Holland); best later night option is $weat $hop (with Jackie O and Denman).
  • Saturday: Tickets are still available for oft-imitated indie rock gods Dinosaur Jr. at the 9:30 Club. For even more 80s and 90s nostalgia, Henry Rollins will be interviewing the band before the show.
  • Sunday: Drum and bass innovator LTJ Bukem stops by U Hall, presented by Anniething Goes & 2Tuff. Don’t miss one of Bukem’s few US tour dates, at one of the best venues for his atmospheric low-end sounds.

The Soundtrack

Another day, another moombahton mix: this time, it’s the latest volume of TGRI’s Culipandeo series, spun by 20-year-old Australian J-Trick. Listen how they get down down under, with plenty of exclusives including “Amplifire” by Diplo and Skrillex and “That Jeffrey” by Heartbreak and Toddla T.

Ready for the weekend #17

Last night’s Moombahton Massive IV was quite the experience, as those nights have tended to be. If that wasn’t enough music, dancing, and partying for the week, here are some other options.

(Image, as always, via FFFFOUND!)

The Plan

  • Friday: BYT’s vitaminwater uncapped LIVE space shuts down after tonight, so this is your last chance to get your corporate-sponsored party on. Do it in style with top notch DJs, including the Nouveau Riche crew, Cam Jus, DJ TMY, and Baltimore’s finest DJ Pierre.
  • Saturday: I’ll be indulging my culinary desires and my eye for alliteration at the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival (unfortunately, this one has been sold-out for a while). Designer Drugs returns to U Hall, with Alvin Risk and Denman on the bill (be sure not to miss the openers, if you go).
  • Sunday: I’m just going to copy and paste this for the remainder of the summer: Happy Sundays at the Donovan House during the day, and No Love Lost (or Tropixxx, depending on the weekend) at Velvet Lounge.

The Soundtrack

I’ll let Diplo describe his latest moombahton mix for Mad Decent Radio: “Moombahton Is so mad and buzzy and wierd [sic] and crazy . We are on Its dick here at Mad Decent.” Well said. Enjoy.

Shameless self-promotion: Me Against the Music

On June 14 (tomorrow night, coincidentally my mom’s birthday if she’s reading this), I’m proud to be a part of Me Against the Music: Branding Marketing and Surviving the Music Industry, a panel at Brightest Young Things‘ not-quite-a-popup-shop. Appropriately, the discussion of music – specifically the tension between craft and business – in the digital age is being held at an online magazine’s vitaminwater-branded art space.

The panel will be hosted by Marcus Dowling (late of True Genius Requires Insanity, and too many other publications of note). Also featured are:

Shannon Emamali, Executive Director, GRAMMY, Washington, DC Chapter
Casey Rae-Hunter, Communications Director, Future of Music Coalition
Jonathan Fischer, Arts Editor, Washington City Paper
Steve Lambert, Hood Booking (concert booker for DC9, Rock and Roll Hotel, Red Palace)
Substantial, Noted MC, QN5 Music

Music listeners are always broaching this topic: the invisible hands that guide the market of what we discover, listen to, and share with each other. It will be great to get different perspectives on this ubiquitous issue. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, June 14
7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
vitaminwater uncapped LIVE
2217 14th Street NW
Washington, DC