Ready for the weekend #12

I’ll keep this simple: Happy Friday the 13th.

Photo courtesy Photography Served, via @FFFFound

The Plan

  • Friday: The most fun you can have for $10 (while keeping your clothes on): it’s synth pop night at Subterranean A, with Adventure and personal favorites Body Language.
  • Saturday: Another season of roller derby comes to a close with the Season 5 Championship at the Armory (let’s go, Scare Force One). It’s also Nouveau Riche night, with a free Smirnoff bar until 11 (let’s go, cirrhosis).
  • Sunday: Lykke Li sold-out 9:30, and if you have tickets, make sure to catch opener Grimes. No Love Lost is around the corner at Velvet Lounge; get on the bandwagon before NLL’s impressive summer plans.

The Soundtrack

Simple Things is a nu-disco duo made up of DJs Space Agent and Wally JoJo (government names Nicole Patten and Will Givens). They recently opened for Anoraak and In Flagranti at U Hall, and their image-consciousness and dedication to their craft are both impressive. Their “Machines That Sing” mixtape is an hour at la discoteca, including two takes on their namesake song. Check it out, and keep an eye on these two.

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