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The Cool Kids Unofficial After Party, presented by Postcultural

The Cool Kids’ Bake Sale EP was released in 2008, but for some reason it feels like it’s been even longer. Maybe it’s because their long-awaited debut album When Fish Ride Bicycles was stuck in record label purgatory for so long. Or maybe it’s because their trademark 808 boom-bap style is anachronistic by nature.

Either way, the group that brought ’88 back is ready to rock parties across the nation. The duo (comprised of Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish) stop by the Rock and Roll Hotel tomorrow night (tickets are still available). Their Midwestern nonchalance and sing-along lyrics are perfectly suited to the dog days of summer.

As always, after the party, there’s the after party. Join DJs Matt Rose and Blake Nine upstairs for the festivities. To sweeten the deal, grab this $10 coupon for $25 worth of food and drink and be sure to grab a Floridano sandwich with your PBR.

Unofficial OFWGKTA After Party, presented by Postcultural.com

In LA, Tyler, the Creator was detained by the cops.

In Boston, a meet-and-greet at Newbury Comics nearly turned into a riot.

In Detroit, the audience threw glass bottles, Hodgy Beats attacked an audience member, and the Wolf Gang called it a night.

Is DC ready for Odd Future?

What press-captivating antics will transpire before, during, or after Wednesday night’s sold-out show at the Rock and Roll Hotel are a mystery. But if the show is anything like the collective’s Valentine’s Day gig at U Street Music Hall, it is sure to be a memorable night.

That’s why Postcultural is proud to present the unofficial OFWGKTA After Party, featuring the DJ stylings of Matt Rose and Blake9.

The last time an eagerly-awaited performer graced the stage at the Rock and Roll Hotel, he spent some time upstairs, mingling with fans. Will the same be true tomorrow night? Come hang out after the show to find out. Just don’t ask about Earl.