Ready for the weekend #13

I made it all day without making a Rapture reference or joke, just to break the streak on this post. So apart from the world not ending tomorrow, what’s going on?

(Photo courtesy Friends of Type via @FFFFOUND)

The Plan

  • Friday: Cool Dudes Hanging Out is consistently the best night of comedy in DC. The details, in brief: 7-9pm, Velvet Lounge, $5, 6 comics, cheap drinks. Make it a night of comedy: cross the moat and catch Todd Barry at the Arlington Draft House.
  • Saturday: Tittsworth and Alvin Risk celebrate the release of their EP – and the new menu – at U Hall; the pork belly / jelly donut sandwich looks like a winner.
  • Sunday: Soundbites combines restaurants, food trucks, and live music in a benefit for the DC Central Kitchen. The party is at the 9:30 Club, starting at 5pm.

The Soundtrack

I slept on this mix a month too long – don’t make the same mistake! DJ Lil’ Elle dropped this upbeat, pop-friendly mix, which is a perfect for working out or getting hyped for the night.

Download: DJ Lil’ Elle April 2011 ‘Club Gettin Hot’ Mix

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