Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones on Fractal Fantasy, “utopian futures” and working with Kanye


“If you look at all the greatest artistic and technical achievements in the world, they’re usually driven by one mind,” says Sinjin Hawke. “With Zora [Jones] and I, we have a dual-mind – we’re almost the same person.”

That “dual-mind” was in full effect when I spoke with Hawke and Jones via Skype from their Barcelona home, especially since they often finish each other’s sentences. But even though the co-founders of Fractal Fantasy – the creative platform that houses their audio-visual work – are romantic partners in addition to creative ones, it’s not a rom-com cliché. It’s more like a never-ending relay race of information – a race that has taken them from mashing-up their club constructions with film snippets to launching an interactive audio-visual platform to (in Hawke’s case) collaborating on Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo. When I mention a clutch of Hawke’s bootlegs that surfaced in 2011, the pair laugh at how long ago that was. “A lot has happened since then,” says Hawke, who doesn’t feel like five years have passed. “But when I look back at how much stuff has been done, it makes sense.”

Read more at FACT Magazine.

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