The return of moombahton masters Heartbreak and Munchi

Since pairing up on the Munbreakton EP last June, Heartbreak and Munchi have both come a long way. The duo has been a guiding force in the development of moombahton, consistently pushing boundaries and even planting the flags on derivative genres. Seven months after their last collaboration – Fuck H & M – and they’re back for the crown.

Moombahsoul, the most promising 108 BPM subgenre, is well represented here. John Legend’s “Ordinary People” and Jay Z’s “Song Cry” become “The Legend” and “Me and My Bitch,” respectively. Add those two superstars to the list of artists (LL Cool J, The Fugees, Big Pun, DeBarge, etc.) that have been given the moombahton treatment, with stellar results.

Munchi’s “Learn” and Heartbreak’s “Jump Up & Twist” have sharper edges; on these tracks, the tropical bass movement comes full-circle as the dembow rhythm is applied to reggae, dancehall and bashment. The EP reaches the proverbial 11 on a pair of moombahcore tunes. Heartbreak, arguably the inventor of the dubstep-moombahton hybrid, picks up where “King Kong” left off on “Doomsday.” Munchi’s remix of “Warface” by dubstepper Jakes gives an even more martial feel to the Full Metal Jacket sampling original.

Munchi shouldered the blame for this release’s delay, but after the last couple of months, I think his friends and fans are just happy to see him return to form. In his own words: “This promo went from being Moombahsoul to Moombahcore to Moombashment to ‘You know what, fuck it lets just put this shit out.‘” Long live the kings of moombahton!

Download: Heartbreak and Munchi – H/M

Bonus: DJ Ayres released ten edits and blends that he whipped up for last week’s Moombahton Massive. In the spirit of free moombahton, grab the tracks from Soundcloud.

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