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Laughing in bars with "You, Me, Them, Everybody"

I will admit: I haven’t watched a late night talk show in quite a while. Sure, I enjoy Conan O’Brien and Craig Ferguson when I watch them, but I’ve been without cable for two years and a talk show is too ephemeral to follow without it. Like most members of Team Coco, I didn’t even watch Conan’s stint on “The Tonight Show.” But as a fan of comedy, music, and conversation (can you be a fan of conversation?), talk shows are a natural fit for my tastes.

You, Me, Them, Everybody Live is a live talk show and podcast hosted by Brandon Wetherbee at Petworth’s Looking Glass. A recent transplant from Chicago, Wetherbee has hosted YMTE since 2008 and brought the show with him to DC late last year. As he admitted during a recent show, YMTE is basically extended practice (and an audition) for a show after Craig Ferguson, and his free-rolling style is similar.

I caught the most recent show at the Looking Glass. After Wetherbee’s monologue, guests included the Washington Post’s Chris Richards, comedian Chris Barylick and folk band Big Chimney. While I’m a fan of Richards’ writing (and his music with ex-band Q and Not U), Barylick’s set didn’t do it for me and Big Chimney isn’t my cup of tea. But like good talk shows, there’s usually something for everyone, and if not, there’s always next week.

Catch You, Me, Them, Everybody Live! at the Looking Glass on Monday nights, and subscribe to the podcast. This Monday, guests include Sean Peoples of Sockets Records, comedian Jessica Brodkin (featured below), and local experimental rockers Laughing Man.