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Jamila Woods brings a legacy, and her muses, to Union Stage

“To make sense of life, Jamila Woods studied the wisdom of her ancestors, synthesized it into poetry, and scored it with music. The result is “Legacy! Legacy!,” an astounding, soul-nurturing album that became even more fulfilling when she performed it at a sold-out Union Stage on Tuesday night.”

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On ‘Heavn,’ Jamila Woods teaches black self-acceptance — and the wide range of R&B

“Black is like the magic, and magic’s like a spell,” sings Jamila Woods, her voice a lilting smirk. That’s the opening lyric on the wobbly “Vry Blk,” a song that embodies all the charms of her debut album, “Heavn,” as she repurposes the playground rhymes of “Mary Mack” and “Miss Susie” into a hymn against police brutality — a disarming tactic that speaks to the young Chicagoan’s songwriting acumen.

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