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Maxo Kream, Punken review

“With his last two projects, Maxo Kream established himself as one of rap’s best storytellers, his trap tales heavy with gory details and delivered as bursts of semiautomatic syllables. On Punken, the 27-year-old Houston artist opens up about the world that forged him, revealing the forces and decisions that turned a young knucklehead into someone facing five to 99 for organised crime.”

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The 20 Best Guest Verses of 2017

“In terms of singles, it’s been another vintage year for rap and hip-hop. Viral sensations, blockbuster loosies and album-standard mixtapes continue to dominate the conversation. As always, some artists have shone brightest on songs which aren’t entirely theirs. Here, we pick out 20 of the best guest verses of the year.”

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