Bryson Tiller presents his evolution of rap and soul at Fillmore


“The past decade of rap and R&B has been marked by the hybridization of both genres: rappers who sing, singers who rap, and, in the case of T-Pain, a “Rappa Ternt Sanga.” If T-Pain and Kanye West opened the door for this type of crossover, and Drake knocked the door down, then newcomers such as Bryson Tiller are walking through the Kool-Aid-Man-size hole left in their wake.

So although Tiller is not the first to bring rap sonics to R&B songcraft, he has been one of the best at branding. His debut album, “Trapsoul,” is also a self-described genre: Southern street rap meets soul, with less time spent in the trap and more time spent in the bedroom. On Sunday night, Tiller brought the “Trapsoul” movement to the Fillmore Silver Spring, performing about an hour of material for a sold-out, grown-and-sexy crowd.”

Read more in the Washington Post.

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