Ready for the weekend #22

This week saw both the last shuttle landing and Postcultural’s first hacking. Obviously, both monumental occasions. With this unbearably hot weekend about to start, remember that a lazy day with Netflix and a cold drink is often the easiest path to happiness.

Hat tip @VeeShip for the photo (via Atlantic Wire).

The Plan

  • Friday: Friday Cool Off is a new weekly at the Red Palace. This week features DJs Matt Rose and Cam Jus, two dudes who always throw a chill party. Plus, the ice cube on the flyer looks hella good right now.
  • Saturday: Boogie Down may be a little off the beaten path at Zeba Bar in Columbia Heights, but Ben Howell and Space Agent will house you. Drink specials galore and a pants-optional dress code in honor of birthday girl Lexi Rusk!
  • Sunday: The annual Capital Fringe Festival ends on Sunday, so this is your last chance to catch some offbeat performance art until next year.

The Soundtrack

Not sure about some of this weekend’s events? Here’s a double shot of brand new mixtapes from two of the DJs in question. Space Agent drops a sexy poolside disco mix (with Lolita art, natch) and Cam Jus provides the requisite moombahton with his summer promo mix.

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