Ready for the Weekend #6

This is the kind of weekend that requires a clone or two to fully appreciate. Failing that, be prepared to make some tough decisions. (Image via #ffffound)

The Plan:

The Soundtrack:

Helping bring together the Culipandeo moombahton mixes (with DJs A-Mac, David Heartbreak, and Melo) was one of the most rewarding parts of co-editing True Genius Requires Insanity. My partner-in-crime Marcus Dowling took care of this one on his own, and it’s a killer.

Lithuania’s Boyfriend is pushing the boundaries of moombahton, both sonically and geographically. The DJ, who first came to my attention when he flipped Heartbreak’s “Chavvi,” drops a mix that is full of moombah-offshoots, including plenty of moombahsoul. The movement continues!

TGRI x Boyfriend present Culipandeo Volumen Quatro
1. Intro Sabali
2. Phi Unit – Home
3. Munchi – Me And My Bitch
4. Jon Kwest – Angie’s Song (Making Of you)
5. Heartbreak – My Grown Man Shit
6. Boyfriend & Ckrono – Born Slippython
7. Dj Melo – Star Time
8. Draft 3 – Boom Blast
9. Missy Elliot – Get Your Freak On (Rampage & Nader bootleg)
10. Mastiksoul ft. Buraka Som Sistema – Sabalo (Booty Shakerz moombahton edit)
11. Keith – Get Up Ouch (Samar Boy moombahton edit)
12. Ying Yang Twins – Wait (The Whisper Song) (JWLS ‘DTF’ Booty)
13. Jon Kwest – Fr33ks Theme
14. Thomas Blondet – Stevies Cherie Amour MoombahSoul Remix
15. Outro Sabali

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