The irrepressible spirit of Munchi

For the last year, Rotterdam’s Munchi has a been a breath of fresh air in the electronic music scene. Highly prolific with boundless creativity, the 21-year old seamlessly molds moombahton, Baltimore club and countless other genres into his trademark sound.

Last month, Munchi had a seizure caused by an intracerebral hemorrhage, despite no prior condition. He spent 9 hours in a coma and 11 days in the hospital recovering. Without US medical insurance, expensive medication or a way back to Rotterdam, his situation looked dire. Thankfully, friends DJ Ayres, Tittsworth and Dave Nada rose to the occasion, matching donations to help Munchi’s cause. They’ve helped raise over $5,000 in just three days, but anyone who has dealt with out-of-pocket medical costs knows that there is much work to be done. Take this opportunity to give today.

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In true Munchi style, the producer was working on beats as soon as he woke up from the coma. His recently posted material is as vibrant as ever, from the moombahsoul of “Calor” to the Bmore-infused remix of “Carnival Madness.” His remix of Nguzunguzu’s “Unfold” adds juke to his ever-evolving bag of tricks, and the track is simply massive.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Crookers have released their version of Munchi’s “Murda Sound” for free to help raise awareness around the fundraising drive.

Moombahton continues to grow thanks to a supportive, collaborative community. It’s great to see so many people come together for something bigger than the music.

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