Welcome to Postcultural

So, why another blog?

In 2011, that’s a fair question. We’re all inundated with blogs and tumblrs, tweets and updates. But after writing at my site (Synergizing Backwards Overflow) and contributing heavily to another (True Genius Requires Insanity), I’ve decided to take my own content to the next level. For posterity’s sake, the archives already include most of my online writing.

Does the digital space need another self-appointed arbiter of taste?

Those who attempt to be definitive in deciding what is culturally worthwhile and relevant are bound to fail. I’ll admit that my tastes are typical of many underground-focused, urban professionals in quarterlife crisis. We’re all going off the same signifiers and signposts; hopefully, I’ll write about something you haven’t seen yet, or offer a new perspective on something you have.

Welcome, and enjoy.

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