Dubstep Dossier: Deathface

Bloghaus duo Guns ‘n’ Bombs broke up last summer, jumping off the electro bandwagon right before it careened into the next wave of EDM. Their last release, the funky dubstepper “Samba Death Squad,” hinted at the dark things to come for one of its members, both sonically and thematically.

Johnny “Love” dal Santo now goes by the name Deathface. The recent Trouble & Bass signee grinds out heavy, death metal-influenced bass, tracks that are perfect for a dubstep mosh pit. Imagine Salem but sped up for the dancefloor; demonic industrial that would make Al Jourgensen proud. Check out his grimly-titled “The Blood Has Gone Black” mixtape. It’s a balanced mix of originals with killer remixes, like his throbbing take on “Cumbia” by the Mexican Institute of Sound.

Deathface’s debut EP, The Horror, was released on Tuesday, and it proves that Goth kids don’t just have to look menacing outside Hot Topic – they can get in on some hands-in-the-air raving, too. Demonic shrieks and semi-automatic drum fills complement the familiar breakbeats and wobble of dubstep. When Satan wants to party, he listens to Deathface.

Deathface is on his American Gothic Tour and stops by the Temple of Boom tonight as part of the Trouble & Bass DC takeover. As if a bill with the T&B crew, AC Slater, and Mad Decent’s Mumdance wasn’t enough.

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