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We Live In the Club: Trouble & Bass Takes Over DC

Trouble & Bass’s monthly takeover of DC’s U Street Music Hall has consistently been the preeminent dance club’s finest night. In a no-frills club built with bone-rattling bass in mind, who better to play God (or Satan) than the pioneers of the global bass movement?

In an attempt to outshine previous T&B DCs, the crew (represented this time by The Captain) brings an all-star lineup to the club next Thursday. Leading off is new DC resident Willy Joy, who has already brought the house down on several occasions. Moving from a DC newbie to a DC veteran, next up is Nouveau Riche bass fiend Steve Starks, whose latest track is, well, a “Problem.”

Forget the haters: club music is very much alive. Newark’s own Brick Bandit Tim Dolla brings his brand of Jersey club to U Hall. Expect to hear plenty of hip hop and R&B hits chopped up into swagged out bangers. Headlining the night is Brenmar, whose future bass take on club music makes him a producer to watch.

Building songs around the perfect sample, be it Aaliyah or Marques Houston (as he does in “Taking It Down”), Brenmar’s jams are a perfect way to come down off that bass high. DC: don’t miss Brenmar and company. You’ll be sorry.

Thursday July 28th, 10pm – 3am
U Street Music Hall
1115 U St NW
Washington DC
$10 Advance tickets | $5 before midnight
+18 to Enter

Originally posted on the Mishka Bloglin.

Future Grooves: Trouble & Bass

While this column usually serves as a first look at an artist, this week’s feature needs no introduction: for 4 years, NYC’s Trouble and Bass collective have lived up to their billing as Heavy Bass Champions of the World. Whether playing electro, dubstep, grime, or jungle, the crew does it with excellence and a trademarked gothic-rave chic.

As their anniversary party rolls into the venue best suited to their selections, take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the T&B crew.

Like the best (and most evil) corporations, the tone is set by the man at the top. Luca Venezia, better known as Drop the Lime, founded Trouble and Bass back in 2006, and is known for his psychobilly trappings and bass frequency dominance. While his Sex Sax may be the tune of the moment, “Set Me Free” is an even stronger song, with it’s “Show Me Love”-esque diva vocals and nonstop, layered bass. Here’s a live performance at last year’s Fool’s Gold vs. Trouble & Bass Halloween Party:

Next to DTL, the most recognizable T&B crew member is AC Slater (and not just because of his Saved by the Bell namesake). AC Slater is a remixer without peer; he’s given his patented electro-bass treatment to tracks by Moby, Little Boots, and Steve Angello, to name a few. “Take You,” his collaboration with Ninjasonik, is, to paraphrase Kanye West, a motherfucking monster – and that was before Nadastrom got their hands on it and turned it into the tech house banger you’re most likely to hear tonight.

The queen of Trouble and Bass is none other than Star Eyes, who sat down with TGRI a few months back. Star Eyes is another jungle fanatic who now makes grimed-out but party-friendly dubstep. Dexplicit (also in the crew) offered up this remix of Star Eyes’ “Disappear,” which makes an already haunting song more sinister.

[Editor’s note: A previous version of this post included Udachi who, while part of the T&B extended family, is on Party Like Us. -CK]

For 4 years, Trouble and Bass have been the definitive DJ collective, label, and party for bassfreaks. So what’s next? DTL will be touring in support of his next single, “Hot As Hell,” which is guaranteed to be just that. Never content to stand still, the latest volume of Heavy Bass Champions of the World features a track that combines the two most satisfying trends in underground EDM. Flinch’s “Hiero” is all throwback jungle breaks before a bass blast that hits like an 18-wheeler. It’s also the odds-on favorite to be the next big hit from T&B.

Catch the Trouble and Bass DC crew at the U Street Music Hall tonight, with Bart B-more and Deathface. And don’t miss these upcoming T&B DC dates:

Oct 31st – Trouble & Bass DC Halloween!
Nov 10th – Trouble & Bass DC w/ Supra1
Dec 8th – Trouble & Bass DC w/ Zombies For Money