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Video Rundown: Memories of the 90's Edition

Happy Memorial Day. Let me begin by asking, why are you reading blogs? Get outside, fire up the BBQ, pour some drinks (may I suggest Trailer Park Punch? 1 part Jack Daniels, 1 part lemonade), and get the party started. For some inspiration, here are three videos that represented the height of partying for my preteen self.

Ghost Town DJs – My Boo

The song may be timeless, but the video is more a time capsule. “My Boo” is like a spring break edition of The Grind: it’s all hard-bodies chilling at the pool, playing beach volleyball, and (inexplicably) washing cars. Fun fact: watch for a cameo by Jermaine Dupri, who released “My Boo” on his label’s seminal booty bass compilation So So Def Bass All-Stars.

2Pac – I Get Around

2Pac was the rare rapper who could bounce from party rap to gangsta rap without seeming inauthentic. “I Get Around” is an example of the former, and the video is practically a parody of hip hop extravagance. Nearly two decades later, the bikini-clad party girls seem almost modest, the poolside flirting quaint. Fun fact: the song features Shock G and Money-B of Digital Underground, the group that gave 2Pac his first break.

Smashing Pumpkins – 1979

One of the most famous videos of the grunge era, “1979” is a tribute to high school hijinks: the kind of boredom-induced fun that includes trashing convenience stores and throwing house parties. Fun fact: for years, I assumed the pool make-out scene was blurring out nudity, but wistful thinking aside, it appears to be water on the lens.

The Smashing Pumpkins – 1979 by EMI_Music