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Serious Saturdays: Put On the Redlight (via Mishka)

Electronic music is constantly in flux, and while some artists can plant a flag and never change their sound, the majority must adapt or be left behind. Case in point: Redlight, who built a decade-long career as drum and bass producer Clipz but now crafts dubstep-bashment hybrids. Certainly not the only – or last – DnB head to slow down their frenetic productions into hulking wobblers, Redlight has found a second life by focusing the over-the-top energy of DnB into something more corporeal.

As Clipz (aka Bristol-based Hugh Pescod), the man now known as Redlight tended towards the melodic side of the rave playground. There is more to songs like “Slippery Slope” and “Sticky” than unrelenting DnB. “Ugly,” featuring vocalist Holly G, is a forebearer of his current sound.

In 2009, Pescod put away childish things and renamed himself Redlight, releasing the Lobster Boy EP. Some of the trademarks of his earlier sound remained, like the breakbeats that fuel “Pick Up the Phone” and “Feel So Good (Wine Up Yr Body),” a tune that relies on singers and MCs to counterbalance eruptions of bass.

The most addictive track on the EP is “Be With You,” which bounces from bashment toasting to a wobbling, house-inflected chorus. Redlight’s handle on West Indian riddims is exceeded only by Toddla T; he puts the dub in dubstep by bringing in Serocee and frequent collaborator Dread MC. This trend has continued: his banger “MDMA” served as the instrumental for Ms. Dynamite’s grimey “What You Talking About?”

Redlight’s evolution continues. Earlier this year, he released “Source 16” and “Progress,” which both feature housey, four-on-the-floor drums and metallic synth basslines. Guaranteed big room slayers, both are far cries from the riddims of the Lobster Boy EP. But with over a decade in the game, whatever Redlight does next – under whichever name he chooses – is sure to be essential bass music.

Originally posted on the Mishka Bloglin.

Dubstep Dossier: Redlight

After exploring drum-and-bass producers who have taken the dubstep plunge, I was not surprised that another up-and-coming bass producer was among their ranks. This week’s Dubstep Dossier is dedicated to a producer you need to know: Redlight.

Redlight, the DnB DJ formerly known as Clipz, first appeared on my radar when Rusko dropped his track “My Love” (among others) in his Mishka Mix. Between the catchy house vocal, funky rhythm, and big drops of “My Love,” Redlight looked like someone to keep an eye on. (PS If you still haven’t copped that Rusko mix, it’s essential listening. I’ll wait for you to go download it.)

The Bristol-based producer released the Lobster Boy EP last fall, and the four track EP builds on the promise of “My Love,” bringing together elements of dubstep, funky, breaks and grime, with a Caribbean feel that speaks to dubstep’s origins. If you’re a fan of Major Lazer’s dance floor alchemy, Redlight’s material will be just as infectious.

The tracks are dance floor killers. “Pick Up The Phone,” featuring Jenna G & Jammer, even adds a touch of club to the mix, while “Kid Soldier” is all wobble, Redlight turning knobs like a NASA controller. The reggae-rave of “Feel So Good,” commands the crowd to “wine up ya body… move to the riddim.” Check the video:

The highlight of the EP is “Be With You,” which will have audiences alternating between daggering and old school raving. The beat is a consistent engine as the song shifts between toastmaking and vamping.

Redlight’s newest single, “Stupid,” features singer Roses Gabor and pushes further into UK funky, while maintaining enough low-end for true bassheads. The video is a psychadelic, tribal dance-off. To quote Liz Lemon, “I want to go to there.”

Between his output and hosting his own “In New 1Xtra DJs” program on BBC Radio, Redlight names EDM heavy-hitters Skream, Toddla T, Jack Beats, Goldie, Carl Cox, Pete Tong and Annie Mac among his fans. Not bad company to join. And remember, don’t fear the wobble.