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Dubstep Dossier: Mensah

Dubstep is coming of age when our appetite for new music exceeds the output of our favorite musicians. As most producers forgo full-length albums for the drip drip drip of singles and EPs, the thirstiest fans seek out new music, carefully distinguishing oasis from mirage.

For fans of Bristol uber-producer Joker, newcomer Mensah appears to be the real thing. His Untitled Future Funk EP contains six heavy slabs of the purple-toned dubstep Joker is known for. Throughout the EP, melodic synth waves cascade over shuffling, two-step beats. Mensah’s toolbox isn’t limited to the staples of the sound, however. On “Rock City,” a grungy, distorted guitar riff collides head-on with a exotic synthlines. For a genre known for aggressive, mosh-pit sounds, the guitar is criminally underutilized by Mensah’s peers.

The simply-titled “Acid Dub” is the most dancefloor-ready cut. “Come with me,” it implores, down a rabbit hole of big beat and jungle, before opening up onto a vista of halftime house. The track is aggressive without being abrasive, a fine line that many dubsteppers have trouble walking.

While dubstep devotees wait for the next release from the enigmatic and elusive Joker, producers like Mensah are more than happy to develop the genre. So check out this sick mix that he put together for Disrupt on Inc. And remember, don’t fear the wobble.