‘Friday’ singer Rebecca Black is all grown up

In her new music video for “Read My Mind,” Rebecca Black and collaborator Slayyyter portray bored convenience store employees with bad dye-jobs and worse attitudes who serve a parade of juggalos and rednecks before a chance encounter with a motocross star leaves them “yassified” — a 2021 trend that turned regular objects into extremely beautiful and queer-coded ones — into cartoonish dolls with big blonde wigs and too-big, muppet-like breasts.

The video’s grotesque-but-make-it-cute vibe matches the song, an irresistible pop jam that does the opposite of Coco Chanel’s most quoted wisdom and keeps adding one more thing: saccharine synths on top of pop-punk riffs on top of double-time breakbeats on top of an undeniable pop melody.

Read more in The Washington Post

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