Meet Alexandria and Ethereal, the Aaliyah and Timbaland of Atlanta’s Awful Records


“I’ve been trying to interview Alexandria and Ethereal since coming across Rebirth while researching Awful Records in the fall of 2014. But scheduling Skype time when the pair are working in the studio proved difficult – it made more sense to do the interview when we were all in Atlanta.

I met them at a quaint bungalow on a tree-lined street in a quiet, residential area of Atlanta’s East Lake neighborhood. Along with Ethereal and Alexandria, the house is home to Awful founder Father and “Awful Madre” Dash Romero (“Everybody else camps out,” Ethereal adds). It’s the latest in a long line of Awful group houses, and it’s exactly what you’d expect: cluttered and unkempt like a frat house, a handful of people come and go and weights and Chick-fil-A bags are scattered about. It’s the type of place that hosts house parties on weekends, but as the unofficial headquarters of Awful, it’s also where some of the best rap and R&B is made. We head to Ethereal’s bedroom studio to finally get Alexandria’s story.”

Read more at FACT Magazine.

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