DC's Lenorable releases spooky new EP "The Prince"

Lenorable is part of DC’s burgeoning post punk scene, balancing out the shoegaze sensibilities of contemporaries of Screen Vinyl Image and Washerwoman with chilling cold wave. Their latest effort is a Kickstarter-funded EP entitled The Prince, inspired – appropriately – by a visit to Edgar Allen Poe’s Baltimore grave site. Nevermore Furthermore, each of the EP’s three songs is thematically derived from one of Poe’s works.

The title track, a rumination on The Masque of the Red Death, is powered by an angular guitar riff and Lisa Reed’s haunting vocals (including the staccato “pity isn’t welcome here / fortune brings certain fear”), and is accompanied by a simple but effective video.

The nearly seven-minute long “Ligeia” follows suit, amping up the drama while surprisingly danceable (or sway-able, as the case may be). Rounding out the EP is “Inquisition,” a fun-house opium trip based on The Pit and the Pendulum that is heavy on warped vocals but gently melodic. For this goth-tinged duo, Edgar Allen Poe proves to be a fitting muse. Lenorable celebrates the release of The Prince tonight at the Black Cat, where they’ll be joined by Last Tide and Dangerosa.

One response to “DC's Lenorable releases spooky new EP "The Prince"

  1. ^-.-^ Goddamn shehot…

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