Future Grooves: Clicks & Whistles

The future bass scene, like dubstep and garage before it, emanated from the UK. Then it filtered down (predictably) to NYC, LA, Chicago, and the like, a process sped up by the digital landscape. But for a sound that owes so much to the trunk-rattling bass and syrupy rhythms of the Dirty South, future bass has been notably absent there. Until now.

Charlotte’s Clicks & Whistles is comprised of Jorge Xavier Fernandez (Hey Whore Hey) and Petey Evans (Turbo Petey). The duo appeared on the scene last year with their You Do EP, which bounced its way through tropical bass (“Thizzle”) and exotic house (“Mystic Jungle”). They also contributed to the Future Sounds of North America compilation with their swirling rhythm & bass cut “When I Feel.”

This year, Clicks & Whistles hooked up with Distal’s Atlanta-based Embassy Recordings for “Cranberry Goose.” An ode to Grey goose and cranberry juice, it’s energy is all stand up / lean back, with bass-heavy synths that turn deadly as the track progresses. The B-side, “Radiator,” borrows the same synth for a jittery club track. Distal’s remix of “Cranberry Goose” is a hyper juke fest, offered below for you to compare and contrast (courtesy XLR8R).

[wpaudio url=”/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Cranberry Goose (Distal Remix).mp3″ text=”Clicks & Whistles – Cranberry Goose (Distal Remix)” dl=1]

The duo are remixing for the likes of AC Slater, Dev79, and Myrryrs, but their finest moment comes when they fully embrace the South. Their remix of Crime Mob’s “Knuck If You Buck” soars on electric blue synths, the perfect complement to the original’s beat. Want more? The Three 6 Mafia-sampling “Neva Get Caught” will be out on T&A Records next month. Future bass has finally come home.

One response to “Future Grooves: Clicks & Whistles

  1. Was just doing some googling for my homies Clicks & Whistles, read this. Great stuff – would help you to note that Garage actually started in the US, was then taken over to the UK and sped up.


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