Video Rundown: Nightwave / Adventure / Chad Valley

Three videos with drastically different styles: post-MTV sampling; breezy hand-held; film school symbolism. United by a common theme, each clip is a meditation on what it is to “feel” (that was the easy part – it’s right there in each song title).

Nightwave – Feel

Formerly known as 8Bitch, the Slovenian Londoner Nightwave makes future bass that is true to her name. The video for “Feel,” off the EP of the same name, is a bubbling club track teeming with energetic synths and rave whistles. The video chops up the seminal coming-of-age film The Graduate, pushing the quick cuts of the Mike Nichols’ film to the extreme.

Adventure – Feels Like Heaven

As Adventure, Baltimore’s Benjamin Boeldt has transitioned from diehard chiptuner to synth pop crooner. In the video for “Feels Like Heaven,” Boeldt goes on some adventures of his own: jet skiing, sky-diving, and toying with some multi-colored skulls a la Dan Deacon. Both the video and song provide some airy, summertime fun.

Chad Valley – Now That I’m Real (How Does It Feel?)

The video for Chad Valley’s “Now That I’m Real” has that love-lorn, art school short film feel – in a good way. Beautifully shot in lush black and white by Lucy Bridger, the clip focuses on a couple and their interactions with a few found objects.

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