Future Grooves: LOL Boys

Markus G. from Montreal and Jerome P. from Los Angeles are LOL Boys. Like contemporaries Munchi and Nguzunguzu, their approach to creating electronic music is ADD-addled and hyperactive: a mishmash of styles and sounds that is addictive and entrancing. As their name suggests, this is music for and by the Internet Generation.

LOL Boys burst onto the scene with last year’s “123,” a single on Palms Out Sound. The track opens with a bit of tribal guarachero before the heavy triplet feel gives way to a half-speed tropical jam. The Latin influences and schizophrenic genre mixing are keys to the LOL Boys sound.

Their self-titled EP (released last month on Discobelle) opens with a synth right out of the intro to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” – which the LOL Boys promptly do. “Blockz” is percussive but not abrasive: warms tones mingle with otherworldly arpeggios. True to their tongue-in-cheek style, the video is a psychedelic seizure of animal graphics: it’s basically an animated Magic Eye.

LOL Boys’ four tracks present entirely different experiences: “Aisle Seat” is some mellow moombahton, “Intuition” combines a juke beat with explosive rave ambiance, and “Runaways” is the big beat equivalent of an 80s action movie soundtrack.

Over the last year, LOL Boys have been busy, remixing a diverse group of artists that includes Crystal Fighters, Midnight Juggernauts, Gold Panda, Para One, and Camo UFOs (the latter of which remixed “123” into a junglist banger). They also collaborated with Teki Latex on “Modern” for the phenomenal Truancy Compilation One, which resulted in a deep house cut with hints of “Vogue.” Grab the track – and the rest of the compilation – below.

Download: Truancy Compilation One

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