Keeping club music alive: DJ Sega's Sixer Series

Forget what club music charlatans say: Baltimore club moving up I-95 to Philadelphia and Newark (and out to Chicago) is and was a beneficial development for the sound.

Exhibit A in the Brick Bandits dominance of club music is DJ Sega. Sega just wrapped up his Sixer Series Collection with its third volume of twenty minute workout plans.

Each volume has featured a mix of Sega’s originals and remixes. Touching on hip-hop (“Runaway”), R&B (Beyonce, R. Kelly), progressive house (Pryda’s “MIA to ATL”), and even dance classics (“Everybody Dance Now”), Sega’s steady hand supercharges the familiar into something much more fierce. As for originals, tracks like “Rock Dem Hornz” and “Bitch Right Now” are instant club classics.

Baltimore club has a knack for capturing the zeitgeist; Jonny Blaze’s “SpongeBob” remix is the chief example of this. DJ Sega continues the tradition by crafting “The Angry Birdz Theme” out of samples from the ubiquitous iPhone/iPad sensation.

[wpaudio url=”/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/DJ_Sega-The_Angry_Birdz_Theme.mp3″ text=”DJ Sega – The Angry Birdz Theme” dl=1]

After a club slaying turn at last month’s Clockwork party, Sega returns to DC for this month’s edition. If you missed this last time (and even if you were there), see the future of club music first hand this Friday. To hold you over, grab all three volumes of the Sixer Series.

Download: Vol. I – The First 6-pack

1. riot music – (donaeo + skream x dj sega remix)
2. mia to atl to phl – (pryda x dj sega remix)
3. music sounds better with you – (stardust x dj sega remix)
4. why don’t you love me – (beyonce x dj sega remix)
5. runaway – (kanye west x dj sega remix)
6. u don’t like me – (diplo + lil jon x dj sega remix)
7. rock dem hornz sega – (dj sega) – Bonus

Download: Vol. II – The Second Batch

1. rock dem hornz sega – (dj sega)
2. K-swift’s hold up 2011 – (dj sega)
3. Shiftee (onyx x dj sega remix)
4. Next To You (dj class + rose royce x dj sega)
5. everybody fuck now (sissy penis factory + c&c music factory xdj sega)
6. down low (r kelly x dj sega)

Download: Vol. III – Closer to Home

1. bitch right now – (dj sega)
2. body bag remix (johnny Nelson x dj sega)
3. look at me now part 2 (chris brown + busta rhymes + lil wayne x dj sega)
4. philly shit remix (young chris x dj sega)
5. wall-e 2012 (gimmie a wallie) (ybe x dj sega)
6. the angry birdz theme (dj sega)

One response to “Keeping club music alive: DJ Sega's Sixer Series

  1. sega goes in! got it on lock.

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