Future Grooves: xxxy

I changed the name of this column from Dubstep Dossier to Future Grooves when the old moniker simply didn’t do justice to the evolving underground electronic music scene. Similar name changes and re-branding lets artists establish new identities and foray into new sounds.

xxxy is Rupert Taylor, who previously released straight-forward dubstep as Forensix(mcr). Early buzz for singles “Reflections” and “Science Fiction” earned him a spot on last year’s essential Elevator Music. The compilation, by quintessential club/label Fabric, curates the strand of mutated dubstep (future garage?) that xxxy and his peers excel at. His contribution to the mix, “Sing With Us,” is deep and funky, with blasts of jazzy live drums.

[wpaudio url=”/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/xxxy_sing.mp3″ text=”XXXY – Sing With Us” dl=0]

The title of his Every Step Forward EP was instructive; with every step into this developing sound, xxxy becomes stronger, with his productions more staggering and immersive. Each additional layer is a new adventure, without weighing down the groove. “This Much” and “Just For Me” tweak vocal samples into percussion, a tactic he has perfected on his new single, the sweltering “You Always Start It.”

The flipside to “You Always Start It” is “Ordinary Things,” a rhythm and bass tune powered by a four-on-the-floor house beat and arpeggiated synth chords. It’s no surprise that Pitchfork tagged the relentless track as Best New Music.

As dubstep gives way to future garage, we’ll need new ways to name and describe it. Along the way, we’re sure to encounter new names for old faces. xxxy is definitely one to look for.

Download: Exclusive mix for Urb.com

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