Future Grooves: Kavsrave

All across the UK, groundbreaking DJs and producers are moving dance music forward. And while dubstep and UK funky in London and Bristol get most of the headlines, the sounds of Glasgow are not far behind. Home to artists like Hudson Mohawke and Rustie, Glasgow is the nexus of a style called wonky or aquacrunk. Numbers, a long-running Glasgow dance party, recently became a record label, merging imprints Wireblock, Dress 2 Sweat and Stuff Records.

Numbers signee Kavsrave may not be from Glasgow (he’s from Croydon, like Skream), but his sound certainly owes much to the Scottish scene. Kavsrave (aka Jamie Kavanagh) grew up making music and throwing parties with contemporaries Julio Bashmore and A1 Bassline. His debut “Quotes EP” showcases an exciting new sound, with the downtempo grooves of R&B, the midrange synths of wonky, and the wobbly bass of dubstep. Think a smoother Joker.

“PClart” is the Kavsrave track that you may have heard; the Luvstep guys played it at the Mad Decent Block Party. “PClart” weaves hypnotic female vocal samples with morphing synths and a stuttering (but danceable) beat. “Tightly Closed” and “Baggage Handler” follow the same formula, to great success.

For a taste of Kavsrave sound, check out the podcast he did for Numbers to mark the release of his EP. Blasting off with the classic bass groove of Ginuwine’s “Pony,” Kavsrave mixes his originals with hip-hop (Lil Wayne and Ludacris) and contemporary sounds (Hudson Mohawke and Terror Danjah).

Kavsrave also received the ultimate UK co-sign, spinning on Mary Anne Hobbs’ experimental radio show. The mix is brief, but at this point, any material from Kavsrave is welcome.