Future Grooves: Rob Threezy

This column practically writes itself every time the Trouble and Bass residency stops at the U Street Music Hall. Be it B Rich or Deathface, the preeminent label for bass freaks consistently brings top talent to town. Tonight is no different, as Chicagoans Willy Joy and Rob Threezy and LA’s Samo Sound Boy join the T&B crew at 1115 U Street.

You might already be familiar with Willy Joy, rising selector and Kid Sister tour DJ, but what about Rob Threezy?

Threezy, government name Roberto Herrera and formerly known as DJ Rob3 (get it?), is a member of Chicago’s Ghetto Division crew. He burst onto the EDM scene with his contribution to The Brick Bandits EP, “The Chase.” The Chicago club anthem mixed Bmore beats, rave synths and enough “Woo! Yeah!” samples to raise James Brown from the dead.

He followed up “The Chase” with releases on Fool’s Gold, Nightshifters, and T&A, including the uplifting jam “Love to the World” on the Ghetto Pass EP. With a classic soul sample, Baltimore breaks, and Chicago house feel, Threezy weaves three dance styles into a real crowd pleaser.

These days, Threezy’s sound is being influenced by the preponderance of ominous dubstep in the scene. Still, his Let’s Go Ravers EP for T&A has plenty of his distinct Chicago-meets-Baltimore club feel. The title track is a hand clap and siren filled banger, while “Round House” has a minimal feel reminiscent of Nadastrom’s “Ghetto.”

On the recently released Heavy Bass Champions of the World, Volume 10, Threezy and Joy go dutch on three tracks. The first, “Run Up,” features a melodic breakdown and squealing synths that beg for the Moombahton treatment. Plus, the two manned the tables for the latest T&B smashcast.

Rob Threezy proves that Chicago house and Baltimore club, like peanut butter and chocolate, are just better together. Don’t miss him tonight at U Hall.

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