Future Grooves: Dark Sky

It turns out Magnetic Man is not the only triumvirate making waves in dubstep. Dark Sky, comprised of three South Londoners, is short on biographical information and tracks. However, the little they have released proves – to paraphrase the adage – that three heads are better than one.

As the Boogaloo Crew, Matt Benyayer and Tom Edwards released a few wobbly bangers for Trouble and Bass, including a stellar flip of Stevie Nick’s “Edge of Seventeen” entitled “Days Go By,” on which that familiar, bittersweet hook melts into pulses of serious bass.

Now, Matt and Tom have teamed up with Carlo Anderson to form Dark Sky, an outfit whose music continues to get deeper and more complex with each new release. First up was a 7″ on Black Acre Records. On the B-side, chiptune keys play out like the titular “Ghost Notes” before darker waves of synth push into the mix, while the A-side, “Something to Lose,” is a lone ray of light shining through ominous clouds, building into a breakbeat fueled jump-up track.

The recently released Frames EP builds on the sparse post-dubstep of “Ghost Notes.” The beats owe more to UK funky and two-step, with the sirens and bass blasts of dubstep. The tracks groove with the steady propulsion of a Joker or Ramadanman beat. The stand-out track, “Drowned City,” features bursts of airy synths and a jagged upbeat sound that is given plenty of room to breath.

Their Dark001 mixtape features originals by the group and contemporaries Panagea and Untold, as well as a killer remix of “Crystalised” by the XX, before closing on the Luvstep-approved remix of Little Dragon’s “Twice” by Aaron Jerome. For Dark Sky, it looks like bright days ahead.

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