Future Grooves: Flux Pavilion

One of the biggest dubstep tunes this year has to be Doctor P’s “Sweet Shop.” A little digging into Doctor P will net you associate Flux Pavilion. The duo have been making music together for years, and their latest venture was founding Circus Records, the Greatest Show on Earth for grimey, filthy dubstep.

Flux Pavilion (aka Joshua Steele) is another North Londoner churning out wobble-friendly, aggro-dubstep. Over just a few singles, he’s making a name for himself in the dubstep scene. His “Got 2 Know” is a downtempo jam with 90s keyboard synths, big grinding bass and vocals like those in “Sweet Shop.”

Flux also dabbles in some of the other UK dance flavors, like on the dancehall gem “Night Goes On,” or the luvstepper “Voscilate.” On the latter, he is both behind the boards and the mic, and the song shifts effortlessly between R&B influenced two-step and massive double-time wobble.

Still, when it comes to Flux Pavilion’s tracks, one thing is true: the dirtier the better. “How Rude” and “Show Off” use samples that lead some to call his work “pornstep.” Hear for yourself why on “Show Off,” a track that starts serenely enough before exploding into dubstep madness.

Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, and the whole Circus Records crew are producers to watch for pure dubstep bangers. Check out this mix the pair did for Ego Thieves for a taste of what’s to come under the big top at Circus Records.

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