Skream and a summer of dubstep

Dubstep pioneer Skream has a busy summer ahead of him. The 24-year old producer (born Oliver Jones) had two of the biggest bangers of 2009, with his remix of La Roux’s “In For The Kill” and his original composition “Burning Up.” His 2010 is set to meet and exceed those heights.

Benga, Artwork, and Skream are Magnetic Man

First up is new material from Magnetic Man, the dubstep supergroup comprised of Skream, Benga, and Artwork. Readying their debut full-length, the trio will drop lead single “I Need Air” on July 26th. The single, with vocals by Angela Hunte, has cross-over written all over it. Magnetic Man will also be hitting major summer festivals, but alas, none in the US.

When not recording and performing with his partners-in-grime, Skream is preparing for an August release of his second full length, entitled Outside the Box. As a treat for fans, he recently dropped four free tracks on Twitter.

The Freeizm EP (a play on earlier Skreamizm EPs) contains two originals and two remixes. “Cut Like a Buffalo” gives an ominous, garage-feel to the Dead Weather track. Pitchshifted vocals on “Show Me Love” are attributed to “Robert S” – instead of club queen Robin S – on a reworking of the dance classic (and TGRI theme song).

On his original compositions, “Pitfall” is more harder-edge dubstep and “Minimool” is sweeping future funk (not quite minimal, as the title would suggest). Are these Skream’s best tracks? Not by a long-shot. But they whet the appetite of fans waiting for an album full of bangers like these:

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