Dubstep Dossier gives way to Future Grooves

After ten Dubstep Dossiers, this column was having an existential crisis. Since the first installment, I’ve noted how dubstep is constantly changing, mutating with the influence of other genres. With that in mind, I’ve always selected artists whose music can be accurately placed under the dubstep umbrella, even if it veers into other sounds. Still, I’ve often come across a musician and found myself asking, “is this dubstep enough?”

I don’t want to spend my time pigeonholing musicians. There is so much cross-pollination between the descendants of UK garage (dubstep, UK funky, grime, 2-step, bassline, et cetera) that it seems limiting and inaccurate to only write about “dubstep.” Especially when elements of dubstep itself continue to influence the experimental electronic music of artists like Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, and Rustie. Wonky? Future beat? Glitch-hop? Who cares!

With all that in mind, Dubstep Dossier will be supplanted by Future Grooves, a column with the same goal of presenting cutting edge, bass heavy electronic music. No matter what you call it.

And so this post isn’t just words, enjoy Joy Orbison’s “Hyph Mngo.”

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