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Rapper Freddie Gibbs heats up the Fillmore Silver Spring with virtuosic craft

“The Fillmore Silver Spring was packed Friday night, the air conditioned to “frigid” and sweet with smoke. But the capacity crowd warmed right up just before 10, when Freddie Gibbs took the stage, head-to-toe in an equally cold Adidas tracksuit.”

Washington Post

At U Street Music Hall, Maxo Kream’s gritty street raps don’t quite click

“Maxo Kream is Houston, born and bred, and you can hear it in his music. From his syrup-slow, trunk rattling beats to his claustrophobic tales about the real consequences of making money with guns and drugs, the spirit of the Geto Boys and DJ Screw lives on in his paranoid street raps.”

Washington Post

Bad Moves turns individual inspiration into songs that speak to universal experiences

“Plenty of D.C. bands have gotten kicked out of their practice spaces because of noise-averse neighbors, but only Bad Moves has had the experience animated. Last summer, the band appeared as themselves on Cartoon Network’s “Craig of the Creek” as a garage band that helps the main characters start a band of their own.”

Washington Post

The beautiful community of Near Northeast, the band

“A half-hour before the band’s first show, D.C. foursome Near Northeast settled on their moniker, after the neighborhood that housed their first practice space. Later, they found out that the area was historically known as “Swampoodle,” a name befitting a more twee, playful or whimsical band.”

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